Luce O'Steen, LMFT-A

Luce O'Steen

Luce O'Steen, LMFT-A

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate
Supervised by Dr. Layla Z. Scott, Ph.D.

Pronouns: She/They

About Me: Hi! My name is Luce (she/they) and I’m a genderqueer, neurodivergent, kinky demisexual and polyamorous Aries who daydreams about home gardens and whose favorite TV show is Steven Universe. 

I’d like to begin by saying that I’m sincerely proud of you for wanting better for yourself than what you currently have. I believe that therapy clients are some of the bravest and boldest people on the planet because, by definition, they have the imagination necessary to dream of something better and the audacity to make it a reality. Those are qualities that I think make the world a better place for everyone. 

I’ve honed my therapeutic focus around a few demographics, namely genderqueer and neurodivergent folks. While I’m trained to work with couples and families I especially enjoy working with people in non-monogamous relationship structures. Right now I’m only available via teletherapy so any kiddos under the age of 13 would be better served by somebody else, but I’d be happy to work with your teenager(s). Additionally, my minor in undergrad was in Christian theology which has uniquely equipped me to help those experiencing a crisis of their Christian faith.

My work with clients is collaborative, client-centered, and trauma-informed. In professional terms, my approach is a combination of Narrative, Solution-Focused, Emotion-Focused, Symbolic-Experiential, and Collaborative Language Systems therapies with a splash of psychosomatics and a pinch (or three) of mindfulness and attachment. In plain terms, that means working with me is going to feel like talking with a trusted friend who’s not going to gaslight you and will ask if you’ve been drinking enough water. Systems of oppression such as White Supremacy, Colonialism, Cisheteropatriarchy, and Capitalism are all on the table for ranting about in your sessions with me if you so choose.

It’s such a gift when somebody trusts me enough to request that I join them on their journey. Especially if you’ve never been to therapy before, the growth process can feel rather daunting, uncomfortable, or just flat out weird. I know this because I’ve spent plenty of time in the other chair and know what it feels like. Whether it’s me or somebody else, I hope the Universe brings you just the right person for what you’re needing help with.


Phone: 682-703-0169

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