Cutter Roberts, LPC-S

Cutter Roberts

Cutter Roberts

Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor


About Me:  I was initially drawn to the work of therapy out of curiosity, intrigue, and compassion for my fellow person. Over my career, I have developed a clear understanding of how trauma, both the horrific events commonly perceived as traumatic, as well as the patterns of invalidation, loss, and blame can cause similar, equally negative effects. Further, marginalized communities have been disproportionately maligned through trauma, with larger systems reinforcing unhelpful, self-defeating narratives. My hope is that I can not only provide hope, recovery, and a path moving forward for those suffering, but can also empower other professionals with a better understanding of how to address trauma in their clinical work. 

I have actively been practicing with clients for 12 years in a variety of clinical settings. My training has included time in neuropsychology, where I worked on a team providing care for dementia, concussions, TBIs, neurological issues, and mental illness. I have spent the last six years primarily providing individual therapy for cases involving trauma, severe mental illness, substance use, and dissociation. I have also served in administrative roles as a clinical supervisor for a local counseling practice, and in 2020 oversaw the implementation and development of an EMDR Intensive treatment program, which was successful in providing significant improvement for clients in a concentrated timeframe. 

In addition to trauma work, I specialize in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, using EMDR as an adjunct. My counseling style is collaborative, scientifically informed, and empathic. I try to balance our time together between addressing areas of concerns and helping individuals more clearly identify and pursue their chosen values, goals, and passions.

I believe Black Lives Matter, Abortion is Healthcare, Science is real,  and am a SOGI aligned professional. Outside of my work, I enjoy long board games and TTRPGs, cooking new types of food, traveling, and pursuing too many different types of crafting projects.

Phone: (214) 233-5680

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