Katy Alaniz, LPC

Katy Alaniz

Katy Alaniz, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Group Practice Founder/Owner

Pronouns: She/Her

About Me:  Hi! Katy here. I’m a Dallas-based, full-time telehealth therapist in private practice, serving all of Texas.

The serious: I have spent about 9 years working with eating disorders, at every level of care. During 2 of those years, I also worked at a non-profit community center. I specialized mainly in working with first offenders, self-harm, family issues, gender identity, LGBTQ+/SOGI, and couples. I then spent a year in a Case Manager position, where I advocated with insurance companies to ensure that clients receiving eating disorder treatment in Texas were getting services authorized by their insurance plans. 

The fun: I’m mom to 2 pretty bad-ass teenagers, a best friend to several gorgeous people, always ADHD, and an ever-learning partner (I’m polyamorous, and have two partners). As part of my own healing from a complicated eating disorder and trauma, I have started amateur plus-size modeling…a little bit for fun, but mostly so that I can challenge myself to see me the way other people see me! My friends, family, clients, and polycule are the most important things on the planet to me. Not directly related, but we love cats around these parts. I am a Health At Every Size provider, and also specialize in working with bariatric clients. Four things that always make me happy: good coffee, The Office, a good eyeshadow palette, and fresh hydrangeas 🙂

Meet Katy Alaniz

My Education:
My Specialties (for ages 13+):

I am certified in TF-CBT (trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy) and practice often out of that mode of therapy. I also lean heavily on feminist theory, the enneagram, and reality theory, although I change things up to fit each client that I’m working with. I am also currently working on my ADHD-CCSP certification, which will make me a Certified ADHD Specialist.

I have experience and greatly enjoy working with:
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